Stainless Steel Highway Traffic Mirrors


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Product Overview

A high visibility stainless steel highway convex traffic mirror is most effective in open road situations, exposed to strong weather or coastal environments. The bright colored orange surround and visor makes this the best blindspot mirror on the market. These stainless steel traffic mirrors are fitted with a mirror quality stainless steel convex mirror face, making it virtually unbreakable in vandal prone areas. Complete with 3" Clamp Bracket for pole mounting included (pole not included). Optional Wall Mounting Kit available (currently sold out).

All Stainless Steel Highway Traffic Mirrors include the DuraVision™ Five Year Warranty.

DuraVision Five Year Warranty


66066C 24" Up to 140' 3" Pole Clamp 9 ¾" 2 Holes
66087C 32" Up to 200' 3" Pole Clamp 9 ¾" 2 Holes
66445C 40" Up to 250' 3" Pole Clamp 9 ¾" 4 Holes

Warranty Information

All DuraVision™ mirrors are manufactured with high quality materials and stringent quality control manufacturing processes and Traffic Mirrors Online are confident that DuraVision™ products are made to the highest standards. As a result, most DuraVision™ mirrors carry a 5 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.

If a product fails due to a manufacturing fault or material defect, within the warranty period, we will replace the faulty part free of charge (excluding freight or installation costs). If it is not practical to repair it, we will replace it at our discretion.

Register your DuraVision™ product to receive a Five Year Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. Click on the link below and submit the Registration Form with your Invoice Number and Date of Purchase.

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Check our Warranty Terms and Conditions below:

Warranty Terms and Conditions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review