High Visibility Traffic Mirrors

A high visibility convex road safety mirror offers increased effectiveness at intersections due to the bright colored orange surround or reflective red tape, making these roadside mirrors stand out in any environment.

The stainless steel traffic highway mirrors are fitted with and bright orange surround and visor and are ready for pole mounting, with a 3" Clamp Bracket included. These weather proof traffic mirrors are robust enough to handle strong winds in exposed areas.

Reflective Traffic Safety Mirrors are one of the best convex road safety mirrors on the market. Ideal as an anti blind spot mirror, the red reflective tape alerts drivers to pedestrians and hidden driveways. These convex road safety mirrors come complete with a 3" Pole Clamp bracket included.

All High Visibility Traffic Mirrors include the DuraVision™ Five Year Warranty.

DuraVision Five Year Warranty

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